hiiiiii im damien :3 scene kid who wanted to learn html!

my hobbies include art, watching south park, collecting matt and trey images (currently at 725 images)

my birthday is june 13th (perfect birthday imo bc its 6 months between my birthday and christmas)

some of my favourite music artists are scotty vanity, millionaires, S3RL, dot dot curve and 3OH!3!!

i tend to rant about things im hyperfixated on a lot O_o

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

heres an image of me:

im probably going to be editing this a LOT bc like.. im so indecisive LIKE HELPP LMAOOOO

im also completely new to HTML and CSS and shit so if anything looks shitty its not my fault i promise 3X



0077-demiboy 0023-trans-pride0178-mikuwink2 0039-staticrainbow


BLOG!!! ill update this whenever something happens and maybe add photos :3


today i made this website and did like nothing else lol


i had today off school and i might get shorter school days too :3


i didnt really write anything for a few days since nothing really happened but yesterday i went to a charity shop BUT THERE WAS NOTHING THERE UGHHH and then i had to walk SO MUCH. anyways im actually writing this in school :3


forgot to update this somehow BUT in the time i havent written anything i got so many cds, i got 4 cds from charity shops and 4 brand new ones (2 mcr, p!atd, fob, avril lavigne, the ting tings, nirvana and gorillaz)